Neopharma organizes “Blood Donation Campaign”…

Neopharma organizes “Blood Donation Campaign”…

Neopharma organizes “Blood Donation Campaign”… Neopharma, organized successfully a voluntary blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank on 16th September 2012 in the Company premises.

Donating blood is an act of selflessness. To save the life of a stranger is one of the noblest things you can do with your life. It is a manifestation of love for life. Blood symbolizes life in its very essence.

In surgery and treatments human blood is a prime necessity. It is necessary for us all to know that donating blood does not harm the donor. Every volunteer is first examined by a doctor and only if declared physically fit, will be permitted to give blood. According to the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank, eligible donors can give blood safely three to four times per year.

Dr. B.R. Shetty, MD and CEO, said “The act of blood donation is safe. The equipment used for the donation is sterilized and disposable which makes it impossible to acquire diseases or come to any harm. On the contrary donating blood can have beneficial effects as it activates the donor’s blood production in the bone marrow. As blood cannot be manufactured and stored indefinitely it is essential that people volunteer themselves to donate blood. Be a donor and save a life. Blood donors are quiet heroes. Be a hero. Be a Blood donor.”

Around 50 units of blood were collected and all the donors expressed their happiness to be a part of this noble cause. The employees with great sense of pride expressed through their participation in the Blood donation campaign, therefore, harmless any by doing so a precious life may be saved.