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Neopharma - A world class pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in United Arab Emirates
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Product information is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to provide complete medical information. Many of the products listed are available only on the prescription of a qualified doctor or medical professional only. Should you have a medical condition, promptly refer to a qualified doctor or medical professional. This website does not offer personalized medical diagnosis or patient- specific treatment advice.

Products are in various stages of approval around the world and may not be available in every country. Patients, Physicians, Pharmacists and other medical professionals should check with appropriate local medical regulatory authorities for information specific to their country.

Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
NeoclavAmoxicllin & Clavulanic AcidTablets 375 mg, 625 mg 20s
  Dry Powder for oral suspension156.25 mg / 5 ml100 ml
  Dry Powder for oral suspension312.5 mg / 5 ml100 ml
  Dry Powder for oral suspension228.5 mg / 5 ml70 ml
  Dry Powder for oral suspension457 mg / 5 ml70 ml
NeomoxAmoxicillinCapsules250 mg, 500 mg20s / 100s / 1000s
  Dry Powder for oral suspension125 mg / 5 ml100 ml
  Dry Powder for oral suspension250 mg / 5 ml100 ml
MazitAzithromycinCapsules250 mg6s
  Dry Powder for oral suspension200 mg / 5 ml15 ml
  Dry Powder for oral suspension200 mg / 5 ml22.5 ml
  Dry Powder for oral suspension200 mg / 5 ml30 ml
DynacephCefiximeTablets400 mg6s
  Dry Powder for oral suspension100 mg / 5 ml50 ml / 75 ml
NeociproCiprofloxacinTablets250 mg, 500 mg10s / 100s
NeoximeCefuroximeTablets250 mg, 500 mg10s
NeogylMetronidazoleTablets250 mg, 500 mg20s
ResclarClarithromycinTablets250 mg, 500 mg14s
  Powder for Oral Suspension125 mg / 5ml60 ml and 100 ml
   250 mg / 5ml60 ml and 100 ml
Resclar MRClarithromycinTablets Modified Release500 mg7s
NeocyclineDoxycyclineCapsules100 mg10s / 1000s
LuconaFluconazolecapsules50 mg7s
LuconaFluconazolecapsules150 mg1s
Advacef injection IM/IVCeftriaxone Sodiuminjection500 mg1 vial
Advacef injection IM/IVCeftriaxone Sodiuminjection1 g1 vial
LevanixLevofloxacinTablets500 mg5's, 7's
Analgesics, Antipyretics and Anti-inflammatory drugs
Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
NeomolParacetamolTablets500 mg20s / 50s / 1000s
  Suspension120 mg / 5 ml100 ml
Neomol PlusParacetamolSuspension250 mg / 5 ml100 ml
NeoxicamMeloxicamTablets7.5 mg10s / 30s
   15 mg10s / 30s
MefexMefenamic AcidTablets500 mg20s / 500s
NeoflamDiclofenac sodiumTablets50 mg20s, 1000s
Neoflam RetardDiclofenac sodiumTablets sustained release100 mg10s
NeoprofenIbuprofenTablets200 mg, 400 mg, 600 mg20s
NeoprofenIbuprofenSuspension100 mg / 5 ml100 ml
K-FlamDiclofenac PotassiumTablets50 mg10's , 20's
  Powder for Oral Solution50 mg10,30 Sachets
Drugs for Diabetes Management
Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
NeometMetforminTablets500 mg, 850 mg, 1000 mg30s
Neomet - XRMetforminTablets Extended release500 mg30s
SucratecGlimepirideTablets1 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg30s
Glyka MRGliclazideTablets Modified Release30 mg30s
Cardiovascular drugs
Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
NeotenolAtenololTablets25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg28s
NeoprilLisinoprilTablets5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg28s
NormolipSimvastatinTablets10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg30s
ArbitenseLosartanTablets50 mg, 100 mg30s
Respiratory Medicines and Allied drugs
Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
NeoventilSalbutamolSyrup2 mg / 5ml120 ml
NeoterbTerbutalineSyrup1.5 mg / 5 ml100 ml
NeosolvonBromhexineTablets8 mg20s
  Syrup4 mg / 5 ml100 ml
NeocoffDiphenhydramine HClSyrup14 mg / 5 ml125 ml
Neocoff JuniorDiphenhydramine HClSyrup7 mg / 5 ml125 ml
Neocoff DMGuaifenesin, Pseudoephedrine, Dextromethorphan HBrSyrup 120 ml
NeodayLoratadineTablets10 mg10s,100's
  Syrup5 mg / 5 ml100 ml
GencetCetirizineTablets10 mg20s
  Syrup5 mg / 5 ml100 ml
NeocoldTriprolidine and Pseudoephedrine HClSyrup 100 ml
  Tablets 20s
Neomol CFParacetamol, Psuedoephedrine, ChlorphenamineTablets 20s
XpelAmbroxol HClSyrup15 mg / 5 ml100 ml
   30 mg / 5 ml100 ml
IvytusDried Ivy Leaf ExtractSyrup3.5 mg / 5 ml100 ml,200ml
AllercetLevocetirizineTablets5 mg10's,30's 100's
ActilorDesloratadineSyrup2.5mg / 5 ml150 ml
Gastrointestinal drugs
Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
NeogastroAluminium and Magnesium HydroxidesTablets Chewable 50s
Neogastro PlusAluminium, Magnesium Hydroxides and SimeticoneTablets Chewable 50s
NeoprazoleOmeprazoleCapsules20 mg, 40 mg14s
LomidexLoperamideCapsules2 mg10's, 60's
UlcipanPantoprazoleTablets20 mg, 40 mg14s, 28s
NausidomDomperidoneTablets10 mg30's
Multivitamins and other Supplements
Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
MaintaneVitamins and MineralsCapsules 30s
NeopharmatonicVitamins, Minerals and GinsengCapsules 30s
Neopharmatonic JuniorVitamins, Calcium and LysineSyrup 200 ml
NeolyteORS formulaPowder for Oral Solution6 gm10 Sachets
  Powder for Oral Solution15 gm, 30 gm5s /50 Sachets
MensanaPanax Ginseng extractCapsules100 mg30s
MensanaPanax Ginseng extractSyrup140 mg / 15 ml200 ml
HydralyteORS Formula ( Low Osmolarity Formula )Powder for Oral Solution5.5 gm

22 gm

5's, 25's

5's, 25's

NeofolicFolic AcidTablets400 mcg120’s
ManalFolic Acid + Vitamin B12Tablets400 mcg + 5 mcg120s
RenalkaSodium Citro-TartarateEffervescent Granules4g6,28 Sachets
LemomagMagnesium CitrateEffervescent Granules5g10s
TrinuronVitamin B1+B6 +B12Tablets100mg+200mg+200mcg20's
Topical Preparation
Product Generic Name Dosage Form Strength Pack
Allpresan diabetic BASICUrea Panthenol (D-Panthenol 50P)Foam (aerosol) 35 ml / 125 ml Aerosol Spray Bottle
Allpresan diabetic INTENSIVEPanthenol UreaFoam (aerosol) 35 ml / 125 ml Aerosol Spray Bottle

  • Ministry of Health approves Neopharma to launch its generic version of Levofloxacin and Losartan Potassium.
  • Neopharma launches ''Renalka'' Urinary alkalinizer- A quick remedy for pH balance
  • Neopharma organizes voluntary blood donation campaign in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Blood Bank on 16th September 2012 in the Company premises.
  • Neopharma receives approval for the launch of generic version of Pantoprazole 40mg gastro resistant tablets.
  • Neopharma launches generic version of Gliclazide Modified Release Tablets.
  • Neopharma, Abu Dhabi’s leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturing facility inaugurated its dedicated world class research and development centre in Musaffah on September 10th, 2012. The research centre has collaborated with the Arkansas University for the development of microfiber nanotechnology for glucose sensors and nanotechnology based microchips for neurodegenerative disorders.

  • Neopharma makes its foray into CIS Markets with product launches in Tajikistan.
  • Neopharma introduces generic version of anti-diarrheal drug Loperamide in UAE.
  • Neopharma begins marketing of its first injectable product “Advacef”.
  • Neopharma launches generic version of Ivy Leaf extract Syrup.
  • Neopharma receives approval for the launch of generic version of Gliclazide Modified Release Tablets.
  • Neopharma receives approval for the launch of Urinary Alkalinizer, Fluconazole tablets and low osmolarity formula of Oral Rehydration Salts
  • Neopharma further expands operations in the African Market by starting the registration process in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
  • Registration of first set of products completed in Turkmenistan.
  • The UAE Genetic Diseases Association and Neopharma have joined hands for introducing Manal. The launch of Manal will form an integral part of the UAE GDA vision to prevent neural tube defects in the United Arab Emirates by Health Education, Public Awareness and Folic Acid Supplementation targeted for specific population.

  • Neopharma has received the Certificate of EHS approval from the Abu Dhabi Emirate, Environment, Health and Safety Management System.

  • Products are introduced into one of the biggest markets in the region – Saudi Arabia
  • Neopharma starts Kuwait operations
  • Neopharma moves into horizontal integration mode.  Ground breaking ceremony heralds the start of new manufacturing facilities.

  • Neopharma starts operations in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Neopharma becomes the first pharmaceutical company in the region to obtain the integrated management system encompassing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.
  • Contract manufacturing for Lagap, Switzerland
  • Neopharma enters the Qatar pharmaceutical market
  • The first exports to East Africa commences with dispatch to Kenya
  • Neopharma enters the Afghanistan markets

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